Boundary Disputes

Experts in crafting solutions that focus on resolving your dispute at the earliest possible stage.

  • Avoiding costly court proceedings wherever possible
  • Extensive specialist experience, sympathetic approach
  • Boundaries, rights of way, extensions, fences, parking & more

Boundary Disputes

Boundary Dispute Advice

Boundary disputes are well known for being complex, emotionally charged cases which can often go on for many years.

At HCB our specialist boundary dispute solicitors fully appreciate the importance to clients of pursuing a dispute and are sympathetic to the distress attached to a breakdown of a relationship with a neighbour.

Our Approach to Boundary Disputes

Whilst we appreciate you may wish to pursue a boundary dispute as a matter of principle, we feel it is incredibly important to contain the dispute as much as possible. This we do by using our experience to craft a solution focused on resolving the case early on.

We will always try to avoid court proceedings, preferring alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, which are less stressful, costly and time consuming than litigation. But where court is unavoidable, we can provide expert representation.

As specialist boundary dispute solicitors with extensive experience in this very complex area of law, we are able to expertly scrutinise professional evidence, title deeds, planning documents and historical conveyances and photographs. We can instruct surveyors on your behalf to compile expert evidence and will personally visit your property to better understand the issues.

Our boundary dispute services include issues such as:

  • Boundary line disagreements
  • Rights of way
  • Shared access issues
  • Parking problems
  • Overhanging home extensions
  • Overhanging trees and bushes
  • Rights to light
  • Fence issues – positioning, style, state of repair
  • Pipes and drains positioning
  • Maintenance and repair responsibilities
  • Adverse possession
  • Trespass & harassment

Contact us Today for Practical Advice on Boundary Disputes

At a time when emotions are inevitably running high, you will benefit greatly from the practical advice and calm, collected approach of the boundary dispute specialists at HCB Solicitors. If you need advice on a boundary dispute with a neighbour or neighbouring business, whether you wish to pursue a dispute or defend a case that has been lodged against you, contact us today.


  • Bullish, knowledgeable and always impressive.

  • Celebrated for not having lost at trial for over 3 years, the team have extensive experience of both commercial and private client disputes

Are you considering pursuing a dispute or making a claim? Contact HCB Solicitors for an initial no-obligation discussion about your case and find out how our specialist expertise and long term experience will help you reach a comfortable conclusion.


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