Funding Litigation

A range of funding options to ensure a clear route to achieving all you deserve.

  • Complete clarity on fees
  • Certainty through fixed costs
  • Talk to us without obligation to discuss your best funding options

Funding Litigation

Because it is difficult or sometimes even impossible to pursue a claim due to a lack of finance, HCB Solicitors offers practical funding options so that your path to justice is not blocked.

At the outset of the litigation we set out our costs clearly to avoid any nasty surprises.

Fixed Fee Funding

If you have access to limited funds then you will want to work on a fixed fee basis so there is no uncertainty as to your outlay. HCB Solicitors offers fixed fee funding.

  • Bullish, knowledgeable and always impressive.

  • Celebrated for not having lost at trial for over 3 years, the team have extensive experience of both commercial and private client disputes

Pursuing a dispute or claim and unsure about funding? Contact HCB Solicitors for an initial no-obligation discussion about your case and the best ways of funding it.