Wills & Lifetime Planning

Protecting you and your loved ones for the long term with a range of specialist, fully tailored planning techniques.

  • Innovative, legally sound solutions to minimise taxes
  • Intelligent planning to preserve your assets
  • Provisions to make sure dependents are protected

Wills & Lifetime Planning

Who will benefit from your estate when you die – the people you want to leave it to, or someone else? What will happen to your children if you die whilst they are young? To your money and assets if you become unable to handle your own finances because of mental incapacity caused by illness or accident? Are you worried about how you would fund long term care? What if you lost the home you wanted to leave to your children?

You can never predict the future, but an experienced lawyer will be able to put things in place to mitigate the effects of unexpected occurrences. Speak to the specialist lawyers at HCB Solicitors and you will finish up with something that will protect you and your loved ones in the long term.

Will Writing

A professionally drafted will is imperative if you want your estate to fall into the hands of the right people when you die. Eliminate disputes, mitigate tax, appoint guardians, protect your estate and see your wishes carried out with an expertly drafted will.

Lifetime and Tax Planning: You, Your Children and Everyone’s Future

Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax have serious connotations on the value of your estate. Have you taken advice on minimising these taxes?

What about your children? How will they be cared for if you die when they are young? Appointing guardians is important, as is arranging trusts to protect their financial future.

If you become mentally incapacitated, whether in your later years or as a result of illness or accident, who will deal with your finances?

If you face long term care, how will you meet the costs without selling your home?

Good planning leads to asset protection. For the benefit of your children, loved ones, and personal financial future, HCB Solicitors will put bespoke programmes in place that will set you up for the future including:

  • Wills
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Trusts
  • Guardians
  • Tax planning initiatives

Protect your loved ones; protect your assets. Contact HCB Solicitors for expert advice on securing your future.

  • A user-friendly team with a great bedside manner who inspire client confidence and provide very clear opinions.