Contract Claims

Unfinished works, unacceptable quality, failure to deliver: when promises are broken, we’re on your side to help you claim what’s due.

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Contract Claims

Making a Claim for Breach of Contract

If you have suffered because a contractor who promised to supply goods or services has let you down – either by failing to supply altogether or by not delivering to an acceptable level of quality – then we can help you make a breach of contract claim.

Whether you have suffered at the hands of a rogue trader who has left you with unfinished or unsatisfactory works, or have paid for goods that have not turned up or are unfit for purpose, by making a claim for breach of contract you can pursue one of two remedies.

Remedies for Breach of Contract

The most common of these remedies is to claim compensation for damages and losses caused by the contract breach. The experienced contract lawyers at HCB Solicitors are well known throughout the region for their knowledge and results in this area and ensure clients who have suffered losses due to a breach of contract are adequately and fairly compensated.

In some cases the court may order the contract to be performed to resolve the issue. This may be the case if compensation would not adequately relieve the situation or the damages for not performing the contract cannot be measured.

Whilst the HCB approach to all disputes is to try to resolve them in the most cost effective and amicable manner, such as through mediation, if a court hearing does become necessary you can rely on our expert representation.

The Importance of Acting Quickly

If you feel you have received goods or services of unacceptable quality and are being pursued for payment, you should not simply ignore the situation. Taking advice from a contract solicitor is crucial at this stage. They can act on your behalf with the supplier and will ensure steps are taken so you are not pursued for non-payment, which can have serious connotations.

Non-Payment for Goods or Services

If you have provided goods or services under a contract, but have not been paid, our debt recovery experts can assist you in pursuing payment. If you are facing a breach of contract claim by a customer, you can rely on our experts to deliver sound advice and represent you through mediation or in court if necessary.

Speak to our Specialist Breach of Contract Solicitors

A breach of contract claim must be brought within 6 years so it is important not to delay taking advice. Contact the experts at HCB Solicitors right away if you have suffered losses due to a contract not being honoured.


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