Residential Tenancies

Working swiftly and with expertise to resolve problems with tenants, mitigating damage and loss and getting landlords back on track.

  • Immediate, direct action
  • Ensuring correct procedures are followed
  • Boosting your chances of the right outcome, with minimal losses


Residential Tenancy Solicitors for Landlords

Do you have a problem tenant?  Do you want to get your property back?

If you let a residential property and your tenant is causing damage, failing to pay rent or simply refusing to move out, you must take swift action to minimise any loss and damage and seek the advice of a specialist solicitor.

Direct, immediate action

Whether the property is let on a fixed term or the tenant remains after expiry of a fixed term, your tenant will have rights to remain in the property.  You cannot evict your tenant without a Possession Order from the Court.  It is imperative you follow the correct procedure so your Possession Claim is not dismissed.  With the right legal representation, you could obtain a Possession Order, ordering your tenant to vacate the property and pay arrears of rent.  HCB Solicitors can advise you, serve notice and prepare your Possession Claim.

Our experience in this area of law, and the fact we take direct, immediate action, means you have the very best chance of achieving the right outcome; one that minimises loss incurred by you.

Our expertise includes:

  • Service of Section 8 Notices;
  • Service of Section 21 Notices;
  • Possession Claims;
  • Accelerated Possession Claims; and,
  • Instructing bailiffs to enforce Possession Orders.

Call us without delay to find out if we can help you.