Resolving disputes can consume valuable resources, but the right expertise makes all the difference.

  • Fully tailored dispute resolution strategies
  • Getting you back on track swiftly & amicably
  • The right techniques for the best possible outcome

Litigation Solicitors

When you are in the midst of a dispute you need access to the very best advice and expertise so that disagreements can be resolved as quickly and amicably as possible with minimal disruption to your life and no long term negative consequences.

Because the litigation specialists at HCB Solicitors have handled hundreds of dispute cases they can offer you the benefit of their expert knowledge of the resolution techniques that are best suited to your particular issues and which will work most effectively in your specific case.

Your concerns are our main consideration

Your concerns are always at the forefront of our considerations when working with you to settle a dispute; because our overall approach is service-orientated and our aim is to forge long-term relationships with all of our clients we want to make sure the outcome is not only satisfactory in a financial sense, but one that you can live with, comfortably.

Honest advice and practical alternatives

Because of our honesty, you will never be taken down a route that will lead to nowhere. If we think it is not worth pursuing a claim or starting a dispute resolution process then we will let you know. Our experience is such that we are in the best position to advise you on your chances of success, and also to make suggestions on alternative solutions such as mediation.

  • Bullish, knowledgeable and always impressive.

  • Celebrated for not having lost at trial for over 3 years, the team have extensive experience of both commercial and private client disputes

Are you considering pursuing a dispute or making a claim? Contact HCB Solicitors for an initial no-obligation discussion about your case and find out how our specialist expertise and long term experience will help you reach a comfortable conclusion.