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The legal profession welcomes Lady Chief Justice

Britain is about to witness a historic change in its judicial leadership. Dame Sue Carr, a 58-year-old Court of Appeal judge, is set to become the first woman in 755 years to oversee the judicial system in England and Wales as the head of the judiciary. Her...

Care home worker wins case against abusive manager

A care home worker has won a legal battle against her manager, who uttered hurtful remarks during an alleged incident. Sonia Pywell took her former manager, Samantha Bacon, to an employment tribunal, where it was revealed that Ms. Pywell had been...

Disagreement over venue does not constitute age discrimination

A judge has ruled that disagreeing with older colleagues over where to hold the office Christmas party does not form age discrimination. A 45-year-old HR advisor brought her employer to court after her younger colleagues rejected her wish to host...

West Midlands Police become snake charmers

Police officers in Aston, Birmingham, rescued a 10ft boa constrictor from the middle of a busy road. The officers were on patrol when they spotted the snake slithering near a park. Determined to ensure the snake didn't escape, the officers used a broom...

HCB Solicitors Collaborates with Supported Living Gateway

HCB Solicitors and Supported Living Gateway have collaborated to provide an all rounded corporate and property transactional experience for investors together with housing associations, care and supported living providers. This partnership combines HCB...

Sacked teacher disputes use of preferred pronouns

A sacked primary school teacher is taking legal action for alleged unfair dismissal, claiming that she was dismissed after refusing to use an eight-year-old’s preferred pronouns. The teacher claimed that, two years ago, the school where she worked...

TikTok fined £12.7 million for using children's data

The privacy watchdog has fined the viral video app' TikTok £12.7m for illegally using the personal data of more than a million young children. Ofcom research revealed that 53 percent of 8 to 12 year olds use Chinese-owned TikTok, making it...

Career Shoplifter earned half a million

A WOMAN who shoplifted goods and then returned them for refunds, made more than £500,000 a court heard. 53-year-old Narinder Kaur, also known as Nina Tiara, travelled across the country to deceive shops, including John Lewis, TK Maxx, and...

Offenders on Probation Guilty of Further Offences

New figures have revealed that Offenders on probation are committing an average of three murders, or serious sex crimes, a week. Since 2010, known criminals have been convicted of nearly 700 murders while on probation. Offenders who were on probation...

Dye your hair or be dismissed, tribunal hears

A tribunal has ruled that an older female banker who would not dye her grey hair was not a victim of discrimination when she was called “Christine Lagarde”. The banker lost a £4.6 million discrimination claim in a “crushing...
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