Probate & Estate Administration

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Probate Solicitors & Estate Administration

Dealing with the Estate of a Loved One: Sympathetic Advice from the Experts

Are you facing the task of dealing with a loved one’s finances and property affairs after their death? It’s a tough time, and there is much to do. No doubt you could use a sympathetic helping hand.

If you’ve been appointed executor under a will, or as next of kin are dealing with an estate under the Intestacy rules, and you feel daunted by the tasks ahead, talk to one of the Probate and Estate Administration specialists here at HCB Solicitors.

Maybe, if the estate is straightforward, you will be able to handle its administration yourself. Some people do, but others decide it’s too complicated, or there isn’t enough time to deal with everything in a timely way.

Fixed Fee Consultation

In any case, contact HCB for a fixed fee consultation before you do anything. There is nothing to lose by having a chat with our friendly specialists to see whether you could benefit from some expert help.

Do you know your Responsibilities and Liabilities?

Anyone dealing with an estate must know their responsibilities and ensure every step of the process is correctly followed, the relevant paperwork dealt with and any taxes due paid within the strict deadlines.

You carry a personal liability for any errors made when identifying, valuing and distributing assets. If for example you miss a payment to a beneficiary or fail to pay debts or taxes, it could cost you personally.

Before you decide whether to deal with the estate yourself, think:

  • Do you really understand the wording of the will?
  • Do you know which of the assets in the estate are subject to Inheritance Tax? Are you aware how tax relief works to make the most of the assets and do right by the beneficiaries?
  • Do you know how to apply for a Grant of Probate or Administration?
  • What if someone makes a claim against you, or contests the will?

If you’re in any way unsure, seek specialist advice from the experts at HCB.

The specialist Probate and Estate Administration team at HCB Solicitors offers professional, high quality advice in this very specific area of law. We do this flexibly, helping in the way that suits you best:

General Guidance (Fixed Fee or Ad-Hoc)

  • If you’re looking to deal with the administration of the estate yourself, but need reassurance you’ve interpreted the will correctly or understand the Intestacy rules, we’ll guide you.
  • Perhaps you need assistance at various stages to check what you are doing complies with the law. We can do that too.
  • This service is offered on an ad-hoc and fixed fee basis as required.

Grant Application (Fixed Fee)

  • Where a Grant of Probate or Administration is required we can make the application to the Court on your behalf, after which you can proceed with the distribution of the estate independently.
  • We’ll quote you a fixed fee upfront for the application.

Full Service - Acting as Executors/Administrators (Costs Estimate)

  • If you’d prefer to completely hand over responsibility - and personal liability - to ensure the administration is done correctly and legally, all tax aspects are addressed and any issues arising are promptly resolved, we can act as Executors or Administrators.
  • A costs estimate will be provided at the outset and you’ll be kept fully updated throughout.
  • Technical and approachable and very good at breaking down a problem into its constituent parts and dealing with my fathers estate

Faced with the task of being an Executor or Estate Administrator? Looking for sympathetic guidance and expert assistance? Contact HCB Solicitors today to arrange a FIXED FEE CONSULTATION. Our service is flexible and tailored specifically to your needs.