Medical Negligence

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Medical Negligence Solicitors

When you are under the care of the medical profession, you are totally at the mercy of their professional expertise. So if something goes wrong, what do you do?

If you or someone close to you has suffered any type of mental or physical injury at the hands of a professional to whom you entrusted your well being, you could be entitled to pursue a claim for compensation and in doing so, bring important issues to light so that the same thing doesn’t happen to someone else.

Taking advice from a specialist medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible is crucial because there is much to be prepared before a clinical negligence case can be brought. Medical negligence is a complex area of law and one that commands exceptional depth of legal expertise and long term experience. Being represented by HCB Solicitors means that you will have the best, top level support throughout the case and the very best chance of reaching a successful outcome with the maximum compensation.

Proving that a medical practitioner has been negligent is an incredibly difficult task, and proving that the negligence was responsible for the injury is another hurdle that needs to be tackled. Only a true medical negligence specialist with a vast understanding of the medical side of matters and with close contacts in the profession will be able to offer this level of expertise. At HCB Solicitors we can offer you this level of expertise and are ready to fight your case whether it is a birth injury, a surgical error, misdiagnosis or a general medical negligence issue.

You must take legal action within three years of the date you first knew, or could reasonably have been expected to know, that you had suffered an illness or injury caused by medical negligence.

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