Director Disputes

Specialised know how in negotiating resolutions and formulating strategies that are beneficial to both sides.

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Director Disputes

Swift, Sound Advice on Director Disputes

When a dispute arises between the directors of a company, it is imperative to resolve it swiftly, before it has a bearing on the efficient running of the business, or the company’s public profile.

Because director disputes – or ‘boardroom disputes’ as they are sometimes referred to - inevitably call for an understanding of various legal complexities, it is important the solicitors chosen to resolve them possess extensive knowledge of all areas of company, employment and contract law, and are able to devise solutions that resolve disputes quickly and in a way that considers the best future interests of the company.

Dispute Resolution that Protects your Business

At HCB Solicitors we focus on negotiating resolutions that appease both sides, because we have found it is often the case that if a director is dismissed, the dispute turns into a lengthy matter that can cause serious damage to the business, its reputation and the morale of its employees.

If it is not possible to negotiate a mutually agreeable solution, we will seek to work out a strategy that allows one of the directors to exit the company and be suitably compensated for doing so. Our experience in this sector of law and extensive case knowledge means we are able to assess the terms under which the director was recruited and the legal position of both parties, and determine an appropriate financial arrangement.

Looking to the Future

Our overall aim is to resolve what could potentially become a damaging issue efficiently and swiftly, and with the best long term interests of the company at the forefront of our approach.

Once a dispute is resolved, we can appraise existing systems, procedures and contracts and ensure structures are in place to minimise the likelihood of future disputes arising.

Cost Effective Advice from Specialist Director Dispute Solicitors

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