When obtaining the money you have been successful in claiming is proving a challenge, you can rely on our experts for the right results in the shortest timeframe.

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Are you owed money from a successful claim?

Being awarded a sum of money as compensation after a claim means you can start getting on with your life again.

However, if that money is not forthcoming then something will need to be done about it; this is called enforcement.

Enforcement won’t happen automatically – it must be done through the court - and if you want the process to run smoothly then you will need expert legal assistance. Because the specialists at HCB Solicitors have extensive experience in this area, they can advise you on the course of action that is likely to bring the most favourable and timely results so that you can receive what is owed as soon as possible.

There are various methods of enforcement including stopping money from defendant’s wages; freezing their assets or sending a court bailiff to collect the money.

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Are you owed money from a claim? Contact HCB Solicitors and we’ll help you get what is rightfully yours.