Proven expertise in achieving the best outcome in any type of dispute, in the most amicable way possible.

  • Trained meditators with extensive experience
  • Focused on maintaining good relations
  • Avoiding litigation that costs in time and money


If you are in dispute with a neighbour or someone else that you would rather not fall out with in the long term, then going down the route of litigation could have negative ramifications.

An alternative is to discuss your issues amicably via a trained mediator who will encourage a settlement that is fair for everyone involved. An experienced mediator, such as those at HCB Solicitors, will always work with your best interests in mind.

Mediation offers a more affordable and less time consuming solution when resolving disputes.

  • Bullish, knowledgeable and always impressive.

  • Celebrated for not having lost at trial for over 3 years, the team have extensive experience of both commercial and private client disputes

In dispute but need to maintain good relations? Contact HCB Solicitors to discuss how Mediation can help you reach an amicable resolution.