Here to expertly guide you when things change and you need advice on the new direction that needs to be taken.

  • Well respected track record in successful court applications
  • Variations to divorce and separation orders
  • Realistic advice on the potential of your case


Circumstances change and, if you think it is necessary for any of the orders made in respect of a divorce or separation to be varied, you need to seek professional advice on how to proceed.

The family law team at HCB Solicitors has had many years of dealing successfully with applications for variation of orders. Our specialists will advise you on whether you have a convincing case to take to the court, and how to present it.

  • When there’s a fight to be had the team did not back away, however, when there was a deal to be done the team did it.

Call HCB Solicitors now to discuss variation of your order for residence, contact, spousal maintenance or any other aspect of a family breakdown.