Child Maintenance

Because you only want the best for your children, we’ll work closely with you to reach an agreement that secures their future.

  • Working hard to reach an amicable agreement
  • Ensuring children’s needs are met
  • Nationally respected child law experts

Child Maintenance

Following a divorce or separation, both parents retain the responsibility to financially support their children.

Child maintenance is usually dealt with in accordance with the Child Support Agency’s regime and we aim to deal with this by agreement rather than involving the CSA where possible.

We recognise that relationship breakdown is hard enough for children as it is and will try to ensure their needs are met and that any agreement works in their interests.

HCB Solicitors’ child law experts deal with this on a regular basis and can advise on your rights and responsibilities.

  • When there’s a fight to be had the team did not back away, however, when there was a deal to be done the team did it.

HCB Solicitors offers specialist advice on child maintenance issues. Contact us to discuss your case in confidence.