Parental Relocation

The expert legal advice you need to help you present your best possible case when a partner is moving away with your children.

  • Expert knowledge of how the courts work in relocation cases
  • Helping you reach the right solution
  • Your children’s well-being always paramount

Parental Relocation

If your partner is moving away with your children, out of the country and UK jurisdiction, you’ll be concerned about how this will affect your contact and relationship.

The courts have a duty to consider how this will affect the children and whether it is in their best interests. The well being of each child must always be paramount in any decision made.

Whether you currently have residence or contact, you need legal advice to help you put your best possible case. Our family law experts are familiar with the approach of the courts in these circumstances and will help you reach the right solution for you and your children.

  • When there’s a fight to be had the team did not back away, however, when there was a deal to be done the team did it.

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