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Family Law Tariff

Fixed fee services

Initial advice fixed fee appointment - £186 inclusive of VAT

This is the first appointment we can arrange for you, and it shall be on the fixed fee set out above. Payment for this appointment is made in advance of that appointment taking place.
In that meeting, we take details of your matter, advise you specifically as to how the law applies, explain the options available to you and give you costs estimates for each option moving forward.

Hourly rates

Here’s how we charge:-
Our hourly rates are between £160.00 per hour and £250.00 per hour (plus VAT), depending on the seniority of our lawyer.
2) We break down our time spent to units, 1 unit being 6 minutes, there being 10 units in an hour. That means, if we spend 10 minutes on your file, that is 2 units. If we spend 30 minutes in your file, that is 5 units.
A unit for our hourly rates are as follows:-
£160.00    1 unit    £16.00
£170.00    1 unit    £17.00
£195.00    1 unit    £19.50
£200.00    1 unit    £20.00
£205.00    1 unit    £20.50
£220.00    1 unit    £22.00
£225.00    1 unit    £22.50
£235.00    1 unit    £23.50
£250.00    1 unit    £25.00
3) We are required by our professional rules to give you a  fees estimate at the start of your matter and keep this up to date so you do not have any surprises, but we also aim to be wholly transparent on fees, providing costs estimates in advance, and regularly reviewing those estimates, for your knowledge and comfort.

  • When there’s a fight to be had the team did not back away, however, when there was a deal to be done the team did it.

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