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Family Law Tariff

Fixed fee services

In accordance with our clear pricing policy, we will send you confirmation of the cost ahead of your appointment. You will be required to pay at the time of your appointment.

Initial advice fixed fee appointment - £186 inclusive of VAT

We take details of your matter, advise you specifically as to how the law applies and what you can expect and give you costs estimates going forward. 

Fixed Fee Divorce – prices vary dependent on level of service.

We can offer fixed fee divorce costs to enable you to pay an agreed amount for your divorce. Within the fixed fee structure we will fix the price of each stage of your divorce so that you can be certain about the cost. Please ask for further details.

Help with Mediation (Financial matters) from £195.00 plus VAT

If you attend mediation to try to resolve finances, but reach the stage where the finances have been identified but you do not know where you should settle, we will see you for one hour to look at your finances based on the information before us and then we will advise you where we believe your settlement could be. If you do not have all of the information needed to negotiate a fair settlement, we will tell you what you need. Any further costs  would be confirmed to you at your meeting. You can return to mediation with an idea of what you need or what are entitled to. 

Court Order (Financial matters) from £500 plus VAT

If you return to mediation and reach a settlement, you can come back to us and for a fixed fee, we will embody the terms of your agreement in a binding consent order based on the information before us, draft all supporting documentation, take you through the documents,  file them at Court when ready and let you have the approved version.

** All fees are plus any Court fees or other disbursements that may occur but we will tell you in advance.

Does your matter not fit into any of the above? See our hourly rates for how we may charge.

Hourly rates

If our fixed fee services are not applicable, here's how we charge:-
1) Our hourly rates are between £100.00 per hour and £250.00 per hour (plus VAT) depending on the seniority of our lawyer.
2) We break down our time spent to units, 1 unit being 6 minutes, there being 10 units in an hour. That means, if we spend 10 minutes on your file, that is 2 units. If we spend 30 minutes in your file, that is 5 units.

A unit for our hourly rates are as follows:-

£100.00    1 unit    £12.00
£120.00    1 unit    £12.00
£150.00    1 unit    £15.00
£160.00    1 unit    £16.00
£170.00    1 unit    £17.00
£195.00    1 unit    £19.50
£200.00    1 unit    £20.00
£205.00    1 unit    £20.50
£220.00    1 unit    £22.00
£225.00    1 unit    £22.50
£235.00    1 unit    £23.50
£250.00    1 unit    £25.00

3) We are required by our professional rules to give you a  fees estimate at the start of your matter and keep this up to date so you do not have any surprises.

Price Guarantee

Transparent fees, cost estimates in advance, and no nasty surprises. Obtaining legal advice can be a real worry for many people. We will tell you how much you can expect our work to cost before you agree to go ahead. This means no nasty surprise bills - guaranteed.

We are clear and straightforward about our fees because we know how you dislike surprises on your legal bill. You are in control of your legal costs not us.

  • When there’s a fight to be had the team did not back away, however, when there was a deal to be done the team did it.

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