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Collaborative Law

An Alternative to Court

We recognise that each of our client's circumstances is different and issuing court proceedings is not always the best solution.

Collaborative law is an alternative to Court action which can help to reduce the emotional cost when families split.
Traditionally when couples separate they each take independent advice from their solicitors and work with their solicitors to try to reach an agreement as to how to settle different issues; such as the division of assets and how much time a child should spend with each parent. In cases where the couples cannot reach an agreement it is then left to the family courts to make decisions on their behalf.
Under the collaborative process couples will each appoint specialist highly trained lawyers to work in a new way. They will sit down in a room together with their lawyers and work through the issues face to face
The pace of the process is set by the individuals involved, not the court.
Both parties have the professional help, guidance and support of their lawyer at each meeting and prior to each meeting will agree their own agenda so that they can work through the issues which are important to their family.
Both the couple and the lawyers will sign an agreement that commits them to the process without going to Court.
The process leaves you in control without the threat of court proceedings hanging over you.
Claire Trundley in our family team, is trained to work in this new way and offer you the benefits of this innovative approach.
If you would like further information on how the process can help your family please contact Claire on 01234 312303 or visit the Resolution website at
  • When there’s a fight to be had the team did not back away, however, when there was a deal to be done the team did it.

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