Local Authority Clients

Specialist nationwide recovery services for unpaid council tax and non-domestic business rates liability orders.

  • No success, no fee collection services
  • Expertise in probate recovery
  • Statutory demands and charging orders

Local Authority Clients

We are pleased to be able to offer several specialist recovery services for unpaid Liability Orders for Council Tax and Non Domestic Business Rates

  • No Success, No Fee Collection services - Ideal for those accounts which have been returned by your Bailiff and/or not really suitable for Charging Orders/Bankruptcy at this stage.
  • Statutory Demands/Bankruptcy/Winding up.
  • Charging Orders/Orders for Sale.
  • No Success - No Fee - Probate Recovery (deceased accounts)

Also, we are able to assist you with recovery of your Sundry Debts.

  • Impressive level of specialist experience and calm and reasoned approach to debtors.

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