Probate Recovery

The recovery of deceased debts is a sensitive area, and one that can benefit from the sympathetic approach of our dedicated experts.

  • Highly trained, tactful specialists
  • Specific experience in recovering deceased debts
  • In-depth knowledge of required protocols

Probate Recovery - No Success, No Fee

We understand that is a very sensitive area but nevertheless it is something that businesses cannot ignore.

Research shows that Creditors write off around 85% of deceased debts as they are unsure how to proceed or believe these are irrecoverable.

We know the required protocols and all of our staff are highly trained in using the tact and diplomacy that is needed when contacting relatives to collect debts. This is why it is so important to use an experienced firm of solicitors to recover such debts.

  • Impressive level of specialist experience and calm and reasoned approach to debtors.

Have you written off an account? No response from an Executor? Contact us today and our experts will immediately get to work.