Business Start Ups/Partnerships

Minimise risk and maximise profit when starting up your new enterprise with dedicated assistance from HCB’s business start-up specialists.

  • Hands-on commercial experience
  • Start your business on the best grounding
  • Everything explained with complete clarity

Business Start Ups

Investing money in starting up a business? Don’t make any decisions without taking legal advice first.

What legal regulations do you need to adhere to? Do you need a license for your premises? What is the best type of trading status for you? Are you aware of data protection rules and do you know your duties as an employer, director, partner, or sole trader?

Getting clear on all of these things – and more – is vital and must be done right at the start. Because there is no substitute for being fully prepared when starting a business, you will appreciate the experience and specialist expertise offered by the commercial law team at HCB Solicitors.

Minimise risk; Maximise profit

Thanks to our hands-on experience in commerce as well as expertise in law, you will have access to valuable foresight that will stand your new business in good stead for growth without running into legal problems along the way. You will be able to minimise the risks that threaten so many businesses that fail to take the right advice, and in doing so maximise your profits.

  • Recognised for the team's appreciation of the commercial realities facing clients.

Starting a business? Get the right advice now so your business is set for success from the start. Contact HCB Solicitors for an initial no-obligation discussion about how we can help you get off on the right foot.