Sales, Acquisitions & Mergers

Ground your business transaction with HCB’s high calibre mix of commercial property, employment law and commercial litigation specialists.

  • Covering all the bases from property to employment
  • Extensive experience in commerce AND law
  • The finest attention to detail

Sales, Acquisitions & Mergers

Are you buying or selling a business or its assets, or merging with another company? Then you will need a law firm that can cover all the bases from property to employment law.

The multi-faceted nature of business sales and mergers means your chosen law firm needs to have a strong mix of high calibre legal specialists who work together as a team to deliver a fusion of expert skill sets.

Because HCB Solicitors is made up of a large team of commercial property lawyers, employment law specialists and commercial litigation solicitors with wide ranging experience in both business and law, you can rest assured everything involved in your sale or merger will be taken care of with the utmost attention to detail, efficiency and expertise.

  • Recognised for the team's appreciation of the commercial realities facing clients.

Selling or merging a business? For a trusted commercial legal service that covers every inch of ground involved, contact HCB Solicitors.