Fraud Solicitors

Here at HCB, we understand the disruption and stress that a fraud allegation or investigation can cause to your personal life as well as to your business.

Fraud Solicitors in Evesham

If you are in a situation where fraudulent behaviour has landed you with serious losses either of property or money, don’t sit back and think about it for too long. Immediate action will allow you to secure the assets you have remaining, and will help to mitigate further issues. Not to mention if you engage the right help, you could well see your assets traced and recovered sooner than you imagined. All of this can be made possible with help from HCB’s specialist and highly respected fraud solicitors in Evesham.

You may on the other hand be on the worrying receiving end of allegations of fraudulent behaviour and possibly facing an investigation, search order or freezing injunction. If this is the situation you are in, talk to the specialist fraud defence solicitors at HCB. They will reassure you of the utmost in expertise and personalised attention whether you are looking for VAT investigation advice, are facing an HMRC investigation or have been accused of benefit fraud.

Victim of Fraud or Facing Fraud Allegations? Call HCB Solicitors Without Delay on 01386 425300 for Bespoke, Immediate Advice.

In impending situations our fraud solicitors work quickly to obtain freezing injunctions and search orders so that immediate investigations are made possible – something that is of particular importance in situations where there is a requirement to swiftly secure assets that remain and prevent further issues arising. 

Where fraud allegations have been made, we are able to offer the highest level of representation utilising the respected skills of our Evesham based team which comprises VAT fraud solicitors, HMRC fraud solicitors and tax fraud solicitors. The team also includes our own regionally renowned money laundering solicitors who are extensively well versed in money laundering and bribery issues of a complex and global nature.

Where you have been ordered to disclose assets pending a freezing injunction, our fraud defence solicitors will help you fulfil all your obligations to the court whilst ensuring you set aside sufficient resources to enable the support of your family and business. Where a search order has been issued, we will provide guidance on how to handle the search and will then continue to represent you as court proceedings follow.

HCB Fraud Solicitors in Evesham: A Full Range of Specialist Services

HCB’s specialist fraud solicitors in Evesham provide an extensive selection of services for both fraud claimants and defendants, including:

  • Money Laundering
  • Bribery
  • Civil Fraud
  • Serious Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • HMRC Fraud
  • VAT Investigation Advice
  • VAT Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Benefit Fraud

A Strategic Approach from HCB’s Civil Fraud Solicitors in Evesham

At HCB our approach to fraud resolution runs along a strategic path. We appreciate that as a victim of fraud you will probably want to see those who have wronged you criminally pursued. However at HCB we try to encourage our clients to think about alternatives. This is because much of the time there are other options that can be more cost effective and faster in resolving the issues. 

Above all, our dedicated fraud solicitors in Evesham will make sure they pull out all the stops to mitigate losses and recover misappropriated assets and funds throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide and they will apply the most appropriate methods to do so based on the individual situation.

Our fraud lawyers have extensive experience in complex cases involving corruption, money laundering, bribery and proceeds of crime and are able to take the reins in all situations, getting things back onto a steady keel so that potentially damaging crises are mitigated. We work together with trusted practitioners who help us investigate specialist sectors such as tax, VAT, finance and mortgage fraud, placing us in the ideal position to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

For Tailored Advice from Specialist Fraud Solicitors in Evesham, call HCB’s local office on 01386 425300.

Fraud Resources for Individuals & Businesses in Evesham

The following resources are intended to help you if you are looking for advice on fraud related issues:

Action Fraud

A national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre

Metropolitan Police Advice & Information on Fraud

A service from the Metropolitan Police whereby fraud can be reported. Also includes useful information on fraud.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

Information in support of Financial Fraud Action UK

Financial Fraud Action UK

An organisation responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud.



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