Property Litigation

Because resolving disputes quickly is key to avoiding long term issues, we make doing so our absolute goal.

  • Exceptional levels of dispute resolution expertise
  • Working to preserve public image & reputation
  • The right methods for an amicable conclusion

Property Litigation

If you are in dispute over a commercial property, the matter simply cannot and must not drag on or cause long-term problems for your business.

Access to the highest levels of legal knowledge and commercial awareness is vital, and this is just what you get when you work with HCB Solicitors.

Because our commercial litigation lawyers have business-related backgrounds, they won’t only get to work quickly to resolve your dispute so that your business can get back to earning you money, they will also do everything possible to make sure that the case and its results do not put your company in a bad light or affect your public image.

Our expertise includes:

  • Land or premises recovery;
  • Planning disputes;
  • Breach of covenant;
  • Rent recovery;
  • Dilapidations Claims;
  • Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 Claims, for both landlord and tenant.

The specialist property litigation lawyers at HCB Solicitors are on hand to resolve your dispute quickly and professionally.

  • An esteemed team who attract enviable praise for impressive technical know-how

In dispute over commercial property? HCB Solicitors will make sure it’s resolved as quickly as possible and without damage to your reputation. Contact us for an initial no-obligation discussion about how we can help you.