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Castle Wall Costs Homeowner £400,000

A homeowner found himself burdened with a staggering £400,000 repair bill after an ancient castle wall collapsed outside his residence, with insurers and the council allegedly unwilling to provide financial assistance.

Mr Adam Giagnotti was left in disbelief when the towering 40-foot retaining wall crumbled under the weight of incessant rainfall, obstructing Reservoir Lane in Worcester, on February 9th.

Residing above the wall in his three-bedroom semi-detached home, the father-of-two recounts being informed by Worcestershire County Council, and his insurers, that he bears responsibility for both the repairs and the installation of temporary traffic lights.

Despite having property insurance, the 42-year-old suggested he'd been told that the insurance company bore no liability as the wall lies beyond the property boundary. This has left the restaurant owner apprehensive about covering the substantial expenses.

Expressing frustration, Giagnotti remarked, "The council has not taken responsibility. They have been useless. They are charging me for everything, including the traffic light system. The council should take responsibility at least for clearing it up and making it safe. We have the correct insurance but they’re refusing to pay because they say the wall was inadequate. I am a businessman, but it doesn’t mean I have that sort of money, unfortunately. It’s not my business money that can solve this – I have to find this money personally."

Giagnotti asserts that the wall predates his home by 150 years. In a bid to compel the council to assume responsibility for the repairs, a petition has been initiated on

In response, a council spokesman stated, "The conveyance on the property confirms that ownership and maintenance of the retaining wall rests with the landowner. We can confirm that the area was made safe following this wall collapse, and traffic management installed. There are daily costs being incurred as a result of the traffic lights at this location. On completion of the required works, we will then discuss further with the resident."


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