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Anne Robinson legally avoids Inheritance Tax

Anne Robinson has revealed that she has transferred her £50 million fortune to her family to avoid inheritance tax. The 79-year-old television presenter disclosed in an interview with Saga magazine that she distributed her wealth to her relatives to prevent them from facing tax obligations after her death. “I’ve given it all away. I don’t want the taxman to have it. I’ve spread it about quite a lot, to the children. They may as well enjoy it now,” Robinson stated.

Robinson, who has a 43-year-old daughter, Emma Wilson, and two grandchildren, Hudson (14) and Parker (13), explained her decision. Inheritance tax is charged on the portion of an estate exceeding the tax-free threshold of £325,000, which can increase to £500,000 if a home is left to a child or grandchild. The inheritance tax rate stands at 40 percent. Eliminating this tax would create an £8 billion annual deficit in the Treasury.

“I’ve spread it about a lot, to the children. They may as well enjoy it now,” Robinson reiterated. Despite her substantial wealth, Robinson claimed she is unsure of her exact net worth but acknowledged she has everything she needs. “I can’t think there’s anything I really want except my good health and the family’s happiness,” she said.

Robinson resides in an 18th-century Grade II-listed barn conversion in the Cotswolds and owns two properties in New York: one on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and another in The Hamptons.

Recently, Robinson confirmed she is in a relationship with Andrew Parker Bowles, the former husband of the Queen. When asked about their relationship, she responded, “Yes. Full stop. Mind your own business.” She shared her thoughts on returning to dating in her 70s after a 17-year hiatus, expressing her belief in taking risks. “I’m a great believer in surprising yourself by taking risks. Personally and professionally. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If the worst that can happen is you get some egg on your face, that’s not terrible is it?”

Mr. Parker Bowles, 84, has two children, Tom and Laura, with the Queen. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1995.


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