Fraud Solicitors

Here at HCB, we understand the disruption and stress that a fraud allegation or investigation can cause to your personal life as well as to your business.

Fraud Solicitors in Wigan

Whilst it is understandable that victims of fraud will want to pause and take stock of what has just happened, it is vitally important that this process does not take too long, because failure to act quickly can put existing assets in further jeopardy, and it can also make the recovery process much more of a challenge. The dedicated team of specialist fraud solicitors in Wigan are on hand to take the reins in situations like these, moving quickly to secure the necessary search orders and freezing injunctions so that your assets and interests can be safeguarded, and investigations can commence.

Need Urgent Advice From Fraud Solicitors in Wigan? Call 01942 244294 Without Delay.

For anyone accused of fraud or facing an official inquiry such as an HMRC investigation or VAT investigation, advice at the highest level is offered by our nationally respected team of fraud defence solicitors. Located at our local office in Library Street, Wigan, the team is engaged on a regular basis to provide professional assistance to local people accused of benefit fraud as well as those looking at accusations of HMRC fraud, VAT fraud or mortgage fraud to name just a few of the areas dealt with. 

This is a team with a raft of expertise, experience and knowledge that is delivered courtesy of highly specialist tax fraud solicitors, mortgage fraud solicitors, VAT fraud solicitors and HMRC fraud solicitors. We also have our own dedicated money laundering solicitors who offer in-depth knowhow when it comes to handling complicated cases that extend across worldwide jurisdictions.

If you have had a freezing injunction imposed on you by the courts, we can assist you through the process of disclosing assets and will make sure you set aside sufficient resources to allow your family to be supported and so that your business can carrying on running. Our fraud lawyers will also guide you through search orders and provide full court representation, at every step maintaining focus on your best interests.

Specialist Services from Expert Fraud Solicitors in Wigan

HCB’s dedicated team of fraud solicitors in Wigan offers a comprehensive selection of services, both for those who have been defrauded and those facing allegations of fraud. These services include:

  • Civil and Serious Fraud Matters
  • VAT Investigation Advice and VAT Fraud Defence
  • HMRC and Tax Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Representation for those Accused of Benefit Fraud
  • Complex Money Laundering, Bribery & Corruption Cases

HCB’s Fraud Solicitors in Wigan: Recovering Assets, Restoring Peace of Mind

When you ask HCB’s specialist fraud solicitors in Wigan to represent you, you will have instant peace of mind for many reasons. One is that you will have experts on your side who will dedicate themselves to resolving your case swiftly and using the most cost effective routes possible. Another is that they will do everything they possibly can to achieve justice on your behalf.

Always focusing on recovering your assets, limiting damages and losses and assisting you in managing the crisis faced, you will also be closely assisted in getting back to a position of security and peace of mind.

Our fraud solicitors have particular experience in dealing with complex cases involving money laundering, bribery and corruption but place the same level of dedication on domestic cases of VAT fraud, mortgage fraud and benefit fraud.

For Immediate Assistance and Specialist Advice from Widely Respected Fraud Solicitors in Wigan, call HCB’s local office on 01942 244294

Fraud Resources for Individuals & Businesses in Wigan

The following resources should prove useful for anyone seeking guidance on fraud related matters:

Action Fraud

A national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre

Metropolitan Police Advice & Information on Fraud

A service from the Metropolitan Police whereby fraud can be reported. Also includes useful information on fraud.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

Information in support of Financial Fraud Action UK

Financial Fraud Action UK

An organisation responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud.



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