Fraud Solicitors

Here at HCB, we understand the disruption and stress that a fraud allegation or investigation can cause to your personal life as well as to your business.

Fraud Solicitors in Westhoughton

When you have discovered that someone has defrauded you or your business, even if it is likely to be someone you know, you should never sit back and wait and see what happens. Failure to take immediate action could well put your existing assets at risk, and it will make it far more difficult to recover anything you have already lost. What you should do is talk to specialist fraud solicitors. In Westhoughton, the dedicated team at HCB Solicitors has a well-regarded reputation as experts in this area of law. You can rely on our advice and speed at arranging freezing injunctions and search orders against those who have defrauded you so that your assets are safeguarded and the recovery process can commence.

Need Urgent Assistance From Fraud Solicitors in Westhoughton? Call 01924 816515 Without Delay.

For those who have been accused of fraudulent behaviour or who are facing an official inquiry, such as an HMRC investigation or VAT investigation, advice at the highest level is on hand from our nationally respected team of fraud defence solicitors. Based at our local office in Market Street, Westhoughton, these are true specialists in this particular area of law and they possess a proven track record when it comes to defending fraud allegations.

We regularly assist local people who have been accused of benefit fraud by offering bespoke advice and representation, which is also what we offer to those facing accusations of VAT fraud, mortgage fraud or HMRC fraud. On our team we have a variety of expertise ready to tap into courtesy of specialist tax fraud solicitors, mortgage fraud solicitors, VAT fraud solicitors and HMRC fraud solicitors. We also offer the advantage of our own respected money laundering solicitors who are able to expertly handle complex cases that reach out beyond the borders of the UK and into worldwide jurisdictions.

For anyone who has been served a freezing injunction by the courts we offer tailored assistance with the process which involves a disclosure of assets. It is very important to handle this properly, otherwise it could work out that insufficient resources are left to support your family and keep your business running whilst the investigations are carried out. Our fraud lawyers will guide you through this process and will also provide one-on-one assistance if you are the subject of a search order, as well as offering full court representation.

A Full Range of Services from Respected Fraud Solicitors in Westhoughton

HCB’s widely respected team of fraud solicitors in Westhoughton offers an all-encompassing range of services for both those accused of fraud, and for those who have found themselves victims of fraud. These include:

  • Civil Fraud and Serious Fraud Investigations
  • VAT Investigation Advice and VAT Fraud Defence
  • HMRC and Tax Fraud Guidance
  • Mortgage Fraud Advice
  • Defending Those Accused of Benefit Fraud
  • Money Laundering, Bribery & Corruption Cases of a Complex Nature

HCB’s Fraud Solicitors in Westhoughton: Seeking Justice and Restoring Peace of Mind

HCB’s dedicated fraud solicitors in Westhoughton want you to have complete peace of mind that when you engage them, they will do everything possible to resolve your case within the shortest timeframe possible, using the most cost effective routes to a solution. Advice is fully tailored in this respect, and our experts reassure you that you will have their full attention which will be focused on mitigating the losses and damages suffered as well as on recovering the assets you have lost and managing the crisis that has unfolded. Additionally they will work tirelessly to get you and your business back into a position of security.

We have notable expertise in highly complex money laundering, bribery and corruption cases that extend beyond the boundaries of the UK, and by the same token we regularly deal with domestic cases of benefit fraud, mortgage fraud and VAT fraud, all of which receive the same fully focused level of attention.

For Immediate Assistance and Expert Advice from Nationally Regarded Fraud Solicitors in Westhoughton, call HCB’s local office on 01942 816515

Fraud Resources for Individuals & Businesses in Westhoughton

The following links should provide assistance if you are looking for guidance on fraud related matters:

Action Fraud

A national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre

Metropolitan Police Advice & Information on Fraud

A service from the Metropolitan Police whereby fraud can be reported. Also includes useful information on fraud.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

Information in support of Financial Fraud Action UK

Financial Fraud Action UK

An organisation responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud.



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