Fraud Solicitors

Here at HCB, we understand the disruption and stress that a fraud allegation or investigation can cause to your personal life as well as to your business.

Fraud Solicitors in Alcester

Have you recently suffered losses at the hands of fraudsters? Or perhaps you have been accused of fraud or are facing a fraud related investigation? Whether you are a company or an individual, you can turn with confidence to HCB’s specialist fraud solicitors in Alcester. 

Unfortunately the issue of fraud is widespread and more and more victims of various types of civil fraud, serious fraud, bribery and money laundering are coming forward to seek help having suffered the serious consequences of lost assets and money at the hands of criminals both in the UK and abroad.

Investigations are also commonplace these days and it is not unusual for people to find themselves accused of benefit fraud or businesses facing an HMRC investigation or VAT fraud proceedings.

Exposed to Fraud or Defending Accusations? Turn to HCB Solicitors for Urgent, Immediate Attention.

If you have been exposed to fraud or need to defend accusations of fraud, then you will be seeking immediate and very urgent attention together with reassurance that those you choose to assist you will do everything possible to recover the assets or funds you have lost, or protect your interests and represent you in the best way possible. This reassurance is something you can depend upon courtesy of the fraud lawyers at HCB Solicitors in Alcester. 

Our dedicated money laundering solicitors are also readily equipped with the technical knowledge and experience to advise on bribery and money laundering legislation for businesses across Europe and worldwide.

In urgent situations our fraud solicitors move swiftly to obtain freezing injunctions and search orders so that investigations can be undertaken and remaining assets secured. 

For those accused of fraud and in situations where assets must be disclosed ahead of a freezing injunction, our fraud defence solicitors work closely with injunction recipients to ensure obligations to the court are met whilst securing sufficient resources to support families or continue the operation of a business. We also deliver expert advice to those on the receiving end of a search order on how to respond during the search, and then further down the line during court proceedings where we offer full representation.

Specialist Fraud Services for Individuals & Businesses in Alcester

HCB’s specialist team of fraud solicitors in Alcester offers a comprehensive range of fraud claim and defence services, including:

  • Civil Fraud
  • Serious Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Bribery
  • VAT Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • VAT Investigation Advice
  • Benefit Fraud

Civil Fraud Solicitors in Alcester: a Strategic Approach

At HCB Solicitors, we believe in a strategic approach to dealing with the issues arising out of fraudulent actions. It is a natural reaction for any business owner or individual to want to pursue criminal proceedings, however there are other options, some of which may be more cost effective and offer a faster method of resolution. Our key aim for victims of fraud is to restore stability and recover assets, and our fraud solicitors in Alcester will do so in whatever way best suits the individual circumstances.

Specialist Solicitors for Victims of Serious Fraud

HCB Solicitors has highly regarded expertise in tracing and recovering misappropriated assets and funds both in the UK and overseas, particularly in complex cases involving corruption, bribery and the proceeds of crime. 

Our service is proactive and the extensive commercial backgrounds of our specialist serious fraud solicitors allow us to take the reins and hands-on manage even the most complicated cases and far reaching of crises. Working closely with a network of professional practitioners across a range of sectors including mortgage, finance, VAT and tax, we are able to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Further, once issues are rectified, we will provide individual advice to assist in protecting interests in the future so that fraud is less likely to prove an issue again.

Fraud Resources for Individuals & Businesses in Alcester

The following resources are all related to fraud issues:

Action Fraud

A national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre

Metropolitan Police Advice & Information on Fraud

A service from the Metropolitan Police whereby fraud can be reported. Also includes useful information on fraud.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

Information in support of Financial Fraud Action UK

Financial Fraud Action UK

An organisation responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud.



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