Asset Protection & Care Fees

The specialist advice you need to navigate the uncertainties that arise when contemplating care needs, and planning to preserve assets.

  • Highly specialised estate planning focused on retaining your assets
  • Expert guidance on care funding
  • Claims for care fees reimbursement

Asset Protection and Care Fees

Long Term Care – Costs and Concerns

With an ageing population and ever increasing numbers of people requiring support of sort kind, whether its care in their home, residential or nursing care, funding that care is a worry for many individuals.

Please use the calculator on this page to give you an indication of the average cost of care.

We can provide specialist advice on the issues facing individuals and their families when contemplating future or immediate care needs. In particular we can advise on;

  • Whether the funding criteria have been applied correctly and if NHS funding (which is not means tested) should be received
  • Where a person has been funding their own care, a retrospective claim may be possible for reimbursement from the NHS.
  • Whether the local authority has correctly assessed the assets available for funding care
  • Estate planning to best preserve your assets. With the average cost of care increasing this type of planning is fast becoming more important that Inheritance Tax planning
  • Where to obtain the best Independent Financial Advice to meet the care costs and for a long as required
  • Recommend services to assist you in finding the most suitable care provider in your area
  • Ensuring that any dependants of the individual requiring care are adequately protected following the move into residential care, e.g. a Spouse, adult disabled child or person residing with the individual

Besides the care costs there are several other legal issues which should be addressed prior to the need for care arising;

Further information on these services can be found on other pages of the site

  • Creation of a Will or the review of an existing Will
  • Implementation of Powers of Attorney to ensure that someone can assist with the financial arrangements of entering care and also to make Health and Welfare decisions should the need arise.

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