Contested Probate

When you need to pursue or defend a claim associated with a disputed will, you can rely on our renowned expertise and experience.

  • Suing solicitors over negligently drafted wills
  • Inheritance Act claims and executor fraud
  • Relieving the pressure of disputes through mediation

Contentious Probate Solicitors

If you are disappointed about the Contents of A Will or concerned about an Executor, we can help. 

Our contentious probate solicitors regularly handle a wide range of inheritance dispute cases. From claims under the Inheritance Act to executor fraud, undue influence, and negligently drafted or lost wills. What's more, we provide a national service.

There are various reasons why you might believe a Will is invalid, including:

  • The person writing the Will lacked mental capacity
  • The Will was made under duress
  • The Will was not properly witnessed
  • The Will has been misinterpreted
  • You believe there is a more recent version of the Will

Please bear in mind there is a six-month time limit for making an estate claim, so it is essential not to delay.

If you believe a Will is invalid, we will take the appropriate steps to help you compile the necessary evidence to support your claim. Gaining sufficient evidence is absolutely vital and we can guide you as to what you need to create a strong case.

We can also assist with Executor disputes, professional negligence (Will drafting & Administration errors), and inheritance dispute resolution.

For a confidential chat about your Contentious Probate matter please call 0121 705 2255 or email or complete the online form.

  • Technical and approachable and very good at breaking down a problem into its constituent parts and dealing with my fathers estate

Whether pursuing or defending a contested probate case of any nature, HCB’s specialists are here to help. Get in touch today to arrange your appointment with a member of our friendly, sympathetic specialist contested probate team.