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Divorce Solicitors in Lichfield

When a marriage breaks down, it’s common for both parties to feel overwhelmed by the legal process that lies ahead. Divorce is rarely easy, no matter how amicable the break-up. As well as the significant change to your lifestyle, the stress of separation can be drastically increased when disputes arise over the division of assets or the living arrangements for your children. At HCB, our divorce solicitors in Lichfield are dedicated in simplifying your separation. Our priority is to protect your interests, and we do so by assisting you and your partner through those all-important decisions that ultimately determine the outcome of your divorce.

Why choose HCB’s divorce solicitors in Lichfield?

From our vast experience within family law to our outstanding level of client care, HCB’s divorce solicitors in Lichfield have built a reputation for dealing with divorce quickly and efficiently. We understand that no two relationships are alike; which is why we will always take the time to understand your unique situation. Once we have familiarised ourselves with your legal position, your requirements and your desired outcome of the divorce, we will be able to provide you with tailored advice and a strategy to see you through the process with ease. If the divorce is undefended, we will help protect your interests through mediation; a constructive approach to dispute resolution, which encourages agreements to be reached outside of court. This method is particularly productive for couples looking to resolve their financial issues in a calm environment; and with significant experience handling complex financial situations within divorce and dissolution, you can count on our divorce solicitors in Lichfield to secure a fair settlement.

Defended Divorce

If your partner does not wish to terminate the marriage despite your desire to do so, this is known as defended divorce. While this may not be very common, each divorce is different, and if this is the case for you it’s essential to seek legal advice as early as possible. Get in touch with our divorce solicitors in Lichfield, and we will be able to advise as to whether you have adequate grounds upon which to petition for divorce and help you to gain an understanding of your legal position. From here, our divorce solicitors will work to help you and your spouse reach an agreement through tactical negotiation. However, where this is not possible, rest assured that our divorce lawyers will provide effective representation and strategic advice throughout a court hearing.

Resources for divorce in Lichfield

Citizens Advice Lichfield

If you have been considering divorce but you would like to gain a general overview of your options, follow the above link to make an appointment with your local citizens advice bureau. They will be able to provide you with free, confidential advice on a one-off basis, however they are not a replacement for a solicitor.

Courts in Lichfield

Here you will find a list of courts and tribunals in your area along with relevant contact information. If you seek advice or representation through your court hearing, get in touch with our divorce solicitors in Lichfield.



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