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Divorce Solicitors in Leicester

Making the decision to separate from your partner can be difficult, let alone the legal process that follows it. Divorce is rarely easy - no matter how amicable the split. At HCB, we pride ourselves on our ability to simplify separation. With a team of expert divorce solicitors in Leicester, we’ve helped clients from all walks of life to get their life back on track following the divorce process. We understand how challenging it can be to terminate your marriage, and how much of an impact this sudden change will have on your lifestyle. That’s why our solicitors will always work hard to resolve your disputes and get you through the divorce process with minimal time and fuss involved. Protecting your interests is our priority, and it’s our duty to ensure that the outcome of your divorce suits your personal and financial needs.

Why choose HCB’s divorce solicitors in Leicester?

From our dedication to clients to our technical knowledge in family law, you can rely on HCB’s divorce solicitors in Leicester to guide you through the divorce process with ease. The first step for our solicitors will be to gain an understanding of your legal position. From your basic living requirements, to the needs of your children and your financial concerns, we will be able to provide advice that’s tailored to your needs by understanding your individual situation. The next step will be to reach an agreement with your spouse on the most important aspects surrounding your separation: your children, your finances and your property. We will attempt to resolve any disputes through constructive mediation sessions, actively promoting solutions that suit the needs of both you and your spouse and guiding you to resolution outside of court. Where this is not possible due to lack of communication or compromise or if you are in need of urgent legal protection, we will not hesitate to issue court proceedings to protect your interests.

Defended Divorce

If your partner does not wish to terminate the marriage, you may find yourself in a complicated position. Seeking legal advice from a family law specialist regarding defended divorce will allow you to understand your legal position and your options moving forward. When you instruct HCB, our divorce solicitors in Leicester will assess whether or not you have sufficient grounds upon which to petition, and provide tailored advice from here regarding how to proceed. If it is not possible to secure an agreement with your partner through negotiation, it may be necessary for us to provide representation and strategic advice through a court hearing. Rest assured that if this is the case, our experts have the qualifications and experience necessary to achieve a reasonable result.

Divorce Resources in Leicester

Citizens Advice in Leicester

If you are unsure about whether you would like to divorce your partner or you are seeking a general overview of the process and your options, you may find it beneficial to make an appointment with your local citizens advice bureau. While the advice they provide is free, it is only on a one-off basis and your advisor will not be able to act as a solicitor if you decide to proceed with divorce.

Courts in Leicester

Follow the link above for a list of courts and tribunals in your local area. If you are in need of representation, get in touch with HCB’s divorce solicitors in Leicester today.



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