Services for IPs

A realistic approach to dealing with administrations, voluntary arrangements, liquidations and bankruptcies on behalf of insolvency practitioners.

  • Conditional fee funding
  • Adverse costs risk insurance
  • Asset realisations, office holder actions, creditor claims

Services for IPs

The department regularly undertakes work for office holders. We offer experience and expertise in all aspects of administrations, liquidations, voluntary arrangements and bankruptcies including appointment issues, asset realisations, office holder actions and creditor claims.

We know that regardless of time spent, the fee must fit the size of the job; we always seek to agree a bill and we take a realistic approach.

We will readily work on a conditional fee basis and instruct Counsel on the same basis. Where it is appropriate to insure against an adverse costs risk, we work with insurance brokers to ensure that there is no outlay for the IP unless the case is won; premiums can be deferred until the end of the case and self insured.