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Concern over Lack of Support for SEN Pupils

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A recent poll conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers revealed that a large proportion of staff interviewed (over 80%) were of the opinion that more needs to be done to assist vulnerable and disabled pupils.

One of the key concerns raised by those participating in the poll was the need for additional training to be provided to staff so that pupils with SEN could be identified in a more timely fashion. This is often the case in mainstream schools where teachers (the majority of whom do not have additional training nor experience in understanding how to identify additional learning needs) do not easily pick up the warning signs that a pupils has complex difficulties or is struggling to make academic progress.

Even when a pupil is identified as having special educational needs, the poll suggests that they, in the majority of cases, do not receive the relevant support or assistance. It even highlights that teachers struggle to access the required level of training and support they need to meet a pupil’s learning difficulties; highlighting a distinct lack of funding to provide such assistance.

Not only is this very worrying for parents, but it also emphasises that the new legislation which came into force in 2014 (Children and Families Act) has not repaired what was already a crucial area for improvement. If the status quo continues, the needs of pupils with SEN will struggle to be met regardless of whether those responsible for educating them have the necessary understanding as to how to support them or not.

At HCB, our specialist solicitors in the education law department are well aware of the difficulties parents may have in obtaining additional support for their children in their current setting, or funding for a specialist placement from the Local Authority.

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