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COVID-19 - GCSE and A Level Examinations

The Prime Minster has confirmed that examinations in May and June will not be taking place due to school closures following COVID-19. Mr Johnson claims that assurances will be given to make sure that students get the qualifications they need.

Students have been informed that they will be awarded a “fair grade” for SATs, GCSEs, AS and A-Level examinations. The WJEC recently confirmed (18.03.2020) that they would continue to work with Qualifications Wales and the Welsh Government to ensure that learners will receive a fair grade

However, what is currently unclear is how these students will be assessed and what would constitute a “fair grade”. It is possible for example that the grades may be taken from classroom performance and predicated grades. However, it is questionable whether this would be a fair and accurate means to assess the student’s actual abilities.

The benefit of public examinations is that an independent and objective professional body is assessing your child’s ability. However, there is likely to be a lack of consistency throughout the country if a student’s abilities are being assessed in a subjective manner by their own school.

It is also entirely possible that a student currently underperforming may well in fact have improved their grades significantly with the realisation of upcoming examinations. Many students are motivated to improve their grades if their past performance (e.g. during mock exams) fell shy of what they expected.

The current position is unclear. However, we envisage that this form of assessment will give rise to complaints/appeals being made by parents across the UK.

Education solicitors

It is advisable to contact a specialist educational lawyer for advice as soon as possible to assist in putting forward a robust complaint/appeal.

Our specialist education law solicitors are passionate and experienced in assisting families through this process and these uncertain times.

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