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Laura Carr

Mental Health Services in England - the not so shocking truth

  • Posted

The Care Quality Commission have today published the phase one report of their review of children and young people’s mental health services which ultimately reveals, as expected, that too many children and young people “have a poor...

The ongoing battle for SEN support

  • Posted

A recent article published by the Guardian highlights that families are facing significant challenges securing SEN support for their children. It seems that families are simply giving up on seeking EHC needs assessments because of the barriers...

GCSE results not what you expected? Here's what to do

  • Posted

In England today pupils will be receiving their GCSE grades however; they will look extremely different to how many of us remember them. This year students are the first to be awarded numerical grades for GCSE’s with 9 being the...

HELP! My A Level results are not what I was expecting - what can I do?

  • Posted

Today, many anxious students in England and Wales will receive their A-level results. This year in particular there is much apprehension regarding these results due to the changes in the qualification system, which has seen many A-level courses removing the...

Can super parenting cure autism?

  • Posted

A recent news article on BBC News is titled “super parenting improves children’s autism”. The article talks about the latest trend of communication specialists providing parents with ‘super’ parenting techniques in...

Students and stress: why mental health matters

  • Posted

It's that time of year again where students are arriving or returning to University with parent's cars full of belongings and enough tupperware of Spag Bol to feed the entire campus. The physical wellbeing of students is often discussed openly...