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Ellie Wright

Are wealthy families more likely to win school appeals?

  • Posted

A recent article published by the BBC suggests that families in affluent areas of England are more likely to succeed in getting a school place on appeal. But why is this case? The article...

Are Local Authorities failing children with SEN?

  • Posted

A recent news article on Devon online discusses the how Devon County Council is failing children with Special Educational Needs. The article is based on an inspection report carried out by Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission which highlighted that too...

Should firms publish prices on their website?

  • Posted

A recent news article in The Law Society Gazzette discusses the research carried out by the SRA on the benefits of law firms publishing price information on their websites. ...

Will Law - outdated and in need of change?

  • Posted

A recent news article on BBC News titled ‘Will Law should be brought into the ‘modern world’ discusses how the Law Commission for England and Wales believes the current rules governing Will Law to be ‘unclear’ and puts people...