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Should firms publish prices on their website?

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A recent news article in The Law Society Gazzette discusses the research carried out by the SRA on the benefits of law firms publishing price information on their websites.

The research found that when consumers decide on what law firm to use, the price and reputation are the most important factors as many will want to go with the cheapest conveyancing solicitor. However many find that this information is not readily available. Less than one in five firms surveyed advertised any price information, on- or offline.

Paul Philip, SRA chief executive said: ’People with a legal problem are struggling to find the information they need to make a good choice of provider. This research suggests more clearly signposted information on price could help people’.

The regulator highlights evidence that customers are more likely to make ‘good financial decisions’ when prices are more readily available. Customers are able to find low conveyancing costs.

The idea certainly contributes to the SRA’s transparency agenda as research reveals that more than 90% of consumers want to see more transparency. The SRA recently consulted on proposals which included creating a solicitor and law firm public register, firms publishing information on prices, and a new logo to help people understand the protections in place when using a regulated firm or solicitor.

However there are some risks attached to this idea. Publishing prices on website could create the risk of causing confusion to consumers if the information is not presented correctly and coherently. There is also the possibility that any low conveyancing fees quoted will change once it comes to light how much work will need to be undertaken causing more uncertainty.

At HCB, our specialist conveyancing solicitors understand that not all clients are the same and prices should be based on the needs of each individual client. We pride ourselves in offering a very personal service and understand the benefits of discussing our prices with each of our clients. Our prices are readily available as we always respond rapidly to any new enquiry.

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