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Andrew Barrowclough
    • Andrew Barrowclough

    • Director (HCB Widdows Mason Ltd)
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The fight for an education - The Sunday Times article

  • Posted

HCB's Head of Education Law, Andrew Barrowclough, gives his views on the state of the current SEN system in England. HCB Solicitors, in Cardiff, is one of the UK’s leading education lawyers who fields hundreds of inquiries from parents lost in...

Head of Education Law comments on University fees proposal

  • Posted

Andrew Barrowclough , Head of Education Law at HCB was recently invited by LexisNexis® to comment on proposed changes to University Fees for an article. He comments as follows: Andrew Barrowclough, echoes concerns that the rise in tuition fees...

SEN and failed adoptions

  • Posted

A very worrying recent BBC news article simply titled ‘I sent my adopted son back into care’ has highlighted a number of significant failings in the UK adoption system. The essential issue is that families are not supported appropriately post...

The current LEA approach to dyslexia

  • Posted

A number of our SEN solicitor experts have noticed a concerning trend throughout England and Wales concerning the policies being implemented to support dyslexic children. Dyslexia is a recognised disability and can have a devastating effect on a young...

GCSE Results and the Law

  • Posted

Today thousands of students across the U.K have been given their GCSE results and the vast majority will have worked hard and will have been appropriately rewarded with good grades. Our specialist education law solicitors are however often contacted at this...

The legal rights of PHD students

  • Posted

Our expert higher education lawyers are often asked to advise PHD students further to an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a doctorate and this area of education law is in itself a very specialist niche area. The legal position regarding PHD students is...

Should I go to Mediation or the SEN tribunal?

  • Posted

Our specialist education law solicitors are often asked about the issue of mediation and whether it is worthwhile for parents in England. The Children and Families Act 2014 introduced for the first time the need for mandatory mediation to be considered by...

Student penalised for opening a message

  • Posted

A recent article that appeared on the BBC website helps to highlight the difficulties that students often face when being accused of an act of dishonesty. The unusual situation came about when eighteen-year-old A-Level student Fabienne Ruttledge was...

Academic appeals advice

  • Posted

Higher education law is a complex area where students often need expert guidance from specialist higher education law solicitors. Recently many students have discovered whether or not they have been successful with obtaining their desired University Award...

When EHCP conversion is used as a tactic against appeal

  • Posted

Recently a number of cases have raised the issue as to whether starting the EHCP conversion process during a current appeal stops a parent’s ability to continue with an appeal in the SEN Tribunal in England. What is often happening is that Local...

Education Law implications of 2016 Budget

  • Posted

George Osborne's 2016 budget has been announced and wide reaching changes to the education sector are going to be implemented. The education secretary Nicky Morgan has provided further detail with a white paper. To assist...

Teachers Refuse to Test 4 Year Olds

  • Posted

A recent article in the Telegraph raises interesting issues regarding whether testing young primary school children in England is beneficial or necessary. About 2,000 schools have refused to take parts in tests for four year olds as unions argue the...

EHCP Transitioning Continues to be Treacherous

  • Posted

Our specialist education law solicitors at HCB have supported and continue to support a number of parents in transferring from their child’s current statement of SEN to an Education, Health and Care Plan. A petition started some 10 months ago and...

The importance of university students knowing their legal rights

  • Posted

As students complete their UCAS applications for September 2016 a timely reminder of the seriousness of the application process has recently been provided by the Telegraph . That useful article reiterates that there are a number of different issues for...

GCSE High Court Ruling Works in Favour of Families

  • Posted

This week three families were delighted after a verdict from the High Court concluded that Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan had made an “error of law”. The families who had been seeking a judicial review welcomed the ruling in relation to the...

How to appeal to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal

  • Posted

Our website already contains useful information setting out the law and regulations in relation to tribunal procedure but this blog will hopefully add to that information on a practical level. When can I appeal to the tribunal?...

Welsh Government Reforms - How will schools cope?

  • Posted

Concerns have been raised after proposed changes from the Welsh government to change the way pupils’ needs are assessed and met. At the moment, local authorities issue statements of special educational needs to pupils who fail to make appropriate...

Parents school fine overturned

  • Posted

The rights and wrongs of term-time fines Parents being fined for taking their children out of school during term time has become a controversial topic since the policy was introduced over two years ago. You may have read about...

What is an EHCP/ EHC?

  • Posted

If you are a parent with a child who has special educational needs, then you may be aware of the biggest reform to child welfare legislation in England in 20 years. We are of course talking about the Children and Families Act 2014 that came into force on...

Dealing With Autism

  • Posted

Recently, we heard the tragic story of a mother who committed suicide after the Local Authority Social Services Department refused to provide funding for her autistic child’s residential placement. Carol Barnett was 51 years old when she took her own...