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Head of Education Law comments on University fees proposal

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Andrew Barrowclough, Head of Education Law at HCB was recently invited by LexisNexis® to comment on proposed changes to University Fees for an article.

He comments as follows:

Andrew Barrowclough, echoes concerns that the rise in tuition fees has little impact on the improvement of the education being delivered. He notes that his firm and the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) often receive complaints from university students regarding the quality of their institution.

With constant complaints about the ‘lack of support’ students have received or the way in which they have been examined, Barrowclough says ‘surely the higher fees now being charged should have resulted in fewer OIA complaints and less litigation but the opposite seems to be happening’.

Full copies of the article are available via the LexisNexis® website or via request to

This article was first published on LexisNexis® on 19 February 2018.