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Disagreement over venue does not constitute age discrimination

A judge has ruled that disagreeing with older colleagues over where to hold the office Christmas party does not form age discrimination.

A 45-year-old HR advisor brought her employer to court after her younger colleagues rejected her wish to host the end-of-year event at a children’s farm.

The individual, Mrs Palladino, had wished the party be held at family-friendly Willows Activity Farm in St Albans, an employment tribunal heard. She claimed her co-workers, the majority of whom were in their 20s, had “derided” her choice of venue and wanted to go clubbing instead.

Subsequently, an employment judge ruled that simply being disagreed with, is not discrimination or harassment, and threw out her claim. Judge Robin Lewis said that the lady's colleagues did not want to go clubbing but instead had sought, “a venue which would be less family friendly, more entertaining, and possibly in London”. He added: “No colleague supported [her] proposal, leaving her in a minority of one.”  

Management eventually picked a restaurant in St Albans for the staff party, which the HR Manager did not attend the event.



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