Fraud Solicitors

Here at HCB, we understand the disruption and stress that a fraud allegation or investigation can cause to your personal life as well as to your business.

Fraud Solicitors in Stopsley

Have you or your business been defrauded? Do not delay in engaging immediate help. If you take too long to consider your options it could have a significant impact upon the speed at which your assets are recovered and those which remain are secured. The best advice is to waste no time at all, so make today the day you give HCB’s specialist fraud solicitors in Stopsley a call.

If you are facing fraud accusations or an official inquiry such as an HMRC investigation or VAT investigation advice is ready and waiting courtesy of our knowledgeable and highly experienced team of fraud defence solicitors. Located at our local Stopsley office, these are experts who have the knowhow to guide you through freezing injunctions, search orders and official investigations. Mortgage fraud, VAT fraud and tax fraud are some of the most common cases we cover and we are regularly engaged to assist those accused of benefit fraud.

Need Urgent Assistance From Fraud Solicitors in Stopsley? Call 01585 453 366 Without Delay.

Where you have been defrauded, action should be taken straight away to secure your remaining assets and commence proceedings to recover any assets or cash you have lost. This is exactly why our locally based Stopsley fraud lawyers always jump to action in order to obtain search orders and freezing injunctions to assist in this process and help limit the damage suffered by their clients.

If you have been accused of fraud then you can call upon the expert knowhow of our team of fraud defence solicitors. Various experts make up the team and these include tax fraud solicitors, VAT fraud solicitors and HMRC fraud solicitors as well as money laundering solicitors who possess technical expertise that extends across worldwide jurisdictions. 

Courts will usually serve freezing injunctions on those accused of fraud and it is highly advisable not to deal with the necessary disclosure of assets that follows without seeking professional advice from specialist fraud solicitors. This is because it can be a challenging process working out how to ensure sufficient resources are set aside to support families and continue any business operations. This process is certainly something that HCB can assist with, as are search orders and any court proceedings that follow such actions.

A Comprehensive Range of Specialist Services from Fraud Solicitors in Stopsley

HCB’s expert team of fraud solicitors in Stopsley delivers a wide range of services to those who need to defend allegations of fraud, and to anyone who has been defrauded. These services incorporate:

  • VAT Investigation Advice
  • VAT Fraud Advice
  • Tax Fraud Guidance
  • HMRC Fraud
  • Civil Fraud Cases
  • Serious Fraud Matters
  • Global Money Laundering Advice
  • Bribery Defence
  • Mortgage Fraud Advice
  • Benefit Fraud Accusations

Strategic Advice from HCB’s Civil Fraud Solicitors in Stopsley

We approach all fraud cases from a strategic perspective. Of course we appreciate that if you have been defrauded, you will naturally feel it is just to pursue criminal proceedings against those who have wronged you. However, such action may not always be the fastest or most cost effective route to resolution and if this is the case, our experts will advise you on alternatives that are in your best interests.

Overall, if you decide to engage HCB’s fraud solicitors in Stopsley, then you can rest assured that you will have our very best attention and efforts in mitigating your losses, recovering lost assets and funds, managing the crisis and getting your financial situation and business back on an even keel. This applies even in situations where matters have become extensively convoluted or have left the jurisdiction of the UK, which is often the case where bribery, corruption, money laundering and the proceeds of crime are involved.

For Expert Advice from Specialist Fraud Solicitors in Stopsley, call HCB’s local office on 01582 453 366.

Fraud Resources for Individuals & Businesses in Stopsley

The following links have been compiled to assist anyone seeking guidance on fraud related matters:

Action Fraud

A national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre

Metropolitan Police Advice & Information on Fraud

A service from the Metropolitan Police whereby fraud can be reported. Also includes useful information on fraud.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy

Information in support of Financial Fraud Action UK

Financial Fraud Action UK

An organisation responsible for leading the collective fight against financial fraud.



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