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Universities and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in a state of lockdown throughout the world; which applies to universities throughout the UK. The pandemic has had a significant impact on every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Our university solicitors appreciate that this pandemic has particularly affected university students and left them in a state of uncertainty.

The majority of universities have closed their campuses and have had to adapt by providing student remote resources and teaching materials online. However, some professional bodies have required Universities to ensure that certain modules be assessed under invigilation; even if the assessments are delayed. The current position is unclear and many university students may be unable to access their education in full. These students are left with uncertainties as to the final qualification that they may be awarded. Students spend a significant amount on university fees and if they are not being provided the qualification that they have sought it is questionable why they should be expected to pay the university fees in full and/or whether they should be able to obtain a refund of student fees.

Our higher education lawyers note that there are recent reports from the NUS (National Union of Students) who have sought for students to be granted the ability to retake the year without further cost and with full maintenance support. Although these are unprecedented times, our specialist education lawyers appreciate that university students should not be left behind as a result of these unforeseen circumstances. University students pay a significant amount in student fees per year and they should not be forgotten during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This also raises concerns regarding the quality of future services that may be provided to university students. Many universities have taken the decision to limit ongoing staff recruitment and take other measures as universities may face significant financial difficulties following the coronavirus crisis. Our higher education solicitors question as to whether prospective students are going to be provided the level and standard of service that they should be provided given the significant amount of fees that they have to pay; potentially leading to a refund of student fees.

Our further education lawyers note that there is a high level of uncertainty and inconsistency throughout universities across the UK. Our further educations solicitors note that this will undoubtedly give rise to potential university complaints, academic appeals and other legal actions being taken. University students should not be left behind as they have incurred significant fees and will have already invested a significant amount of time during their studies.

How we can help

If you are not happy with the standard of education which is being provided by your university following the Coronavirus outbreak, then please contact our education law team and specialist university lawyers as we will be able to assist you.

Our specialist team of education solicitors are able to assist college and university students. Our university lawyers will be able to advise whether you have potential grounds to raise a valid complaint or appeal with the university and can help you draft and submit the complaint or appeal. Further education law and university education law can be a complicated process involving detailed and complex rules/regulations.

Our specialist university solicitors understand the time, effort and money that have been incurred by students during their studies and during these difficult times and it is very important to raise a valid and robust complaint or appeal to maximise the potential prospects of success. After all, we must remember that these students have not only incurred significant fees during their studies, they have also invested a significant amount of time studying and have also invested emotionally, as this will undoubtedly impact on their potential future career and lives.

HCB Solicitors employ lawyers who have years of civil litigation experience and who also specialise in further education/university law. It is therefore essential that you seek advice from an individual that has both experience in higher education law/university law and civil litigation experience. This will ensure that you are provided well balanced advice on the potential prospects of bringing the university complaint/appeal, along with any potential civil action that may be required.

Our higher education lawyers are able to assist with the following:-

  • University complaints
  • Academic appeals
  • Mitigating circumstances/extenuating circumstances
  • Fitness to practise proceedings
  • PhD complaints/appeals
  • Exclusions
  • Litigation – breach of contract and/or discrimination claims
  • Complaints to the OIA

Our university law experts are passionate and experienced in assisting students through these processes. If you would like to discuss your university law dispute in more detail, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist team of expert education lawyers. Please contact us on 0333 202 7175 or contact us by email on