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HELP! My A Level results are not what I was expecting - what can I do?

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Today, many anxious students in England and Wales will receive their A-level results.

This year in particular there is much apprehension regarding these results due to the changes in the qualification system, which has seen many A-level courses removing the coursework element and deciding the grade solely on a final exam. This places immense pressure students to perform well during these final exams, and as we all know exams are not for everyone!

Extenuating Circumstances

As Specialist Education Law Solicitors we receive calls from many students, on days like today, expressing upset and disappointment at not achieving expected grades. If there are external factors that have affected a student’s performance then there are avenues to explore including the Special Consideration process through the Joint Council for Qualifications. Once a student receives their exam results, if there are extenuating circumstances, then the student must act quickly as there are specific timescales to adhere to. Please do give us a call on the number below to find out more about this option.

Re-sit exams

All is not lost, as there is sometimes the opportunity to re-sit exams. This may be particularly important if the student has applied to University and missed out on their preferred placement by a number of marks. It may be possible to defer the placement at said University, whilst re-sits are undertaken or apply for an alternative University through the Clearing process via Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

UCAS - Clearing -

Clearing is available from July to September each year and is a process where you can apply for Universities who have remaining placements after their original application deadline. If you have received a conditional offer from a university but your exam results did meet the condition then you can use Clearing, visit the website link above, and explore any vacancies that alternative Universities have available. The website is updated regularly, and more opportunities may become available throughout the week.

Failure by your college or sixth form?

As Education Law Solicitors, we also receive contact from many students who have not been sufficiently supported or taught throughout their A-level courses, and with the changes to the way A-levels are structured this year, this has become an even greater issue. It is understandable that teachers are also getting to grips with the new system, however students should not suffer due to this.

Furthermore, sixth form provisions and colleges have a duty of care to ensure that the A-level course is delivered appropriately, that the entire syllabus is delivered within the allocated timescale and that there is sufficient support and supervision throughout the course to allow students to achieve to the best of their ability.

If you are an A-level student and have not received the results you hoped for today, and you believe your College or Sixth Form have failed you in one of the ways detailed above, please do contact us for specialist advice. You may be entitled to compensation or other remedies to help with the situation you are in.

If you experiencing difficulties in relation to Education matters please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team on 02920 291704.