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Can super parenting cure autism?

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A recent news article on BBC News is titled “super parenting improves children’s autism”.

 The article talks about the latest trend of communication specialists providing parents with ‘super’ parenting techniques in order to assist with the improvement of their child’s autism.

The title of this article is extremely misleading because it implies that autism can be ‘cured’ by parenting techniques which is not the case. Furthermore this is an issue that our specialist education law solicitors come across often as Social Services often indicate that rather than respite support struggling parents can instead be sent on a course.

The National Autistic Society defines autism as “a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people and how they experience the world around them”. We do not know the cause of autism but we do know that it is a lifelong condition that significantly affects a person’s education and social progress. This being said however, there are techniques and approaches which may be helpful for the individual with autism and the people who support that individual. 

With regard to education - there are specialist educational provisions that have expertise in teaching those with autism and other special educational needs. These provisions have specialist and experienced teachers who know how to ensure that children with this condition have access to education and achieve their full potential. The starting point however is that a maintained mainstream placement should be able to cope but that is not always the case.

If you have a child who has autism or any other special educational need and they are not receiving the support in school or university that they are entitled to, please contact our specialist autism lawyers on 02920 291704.