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Beyond Crisis?

A recent article published by the BBC suggests Support for pupils who have special needs is "beyond crisis".

The article details how a resounding 97% of those who took part in a survey concluded that schools have received insufficient funding to support pupils with special needs. This finding identifies that school staff feel that they are being faced with challenges and barriers to meet the needs of those pupils who require extra support and intervention in order for them to access the curriculum and progress in their academic abilities as a direct result of underfunding. 

Parents and carers of children who have special needs encounter constant opposition and resistance from Local Authorities whilst seeking to obtain help for their children in the educational setting. 

How We Can Help

Our team of specialist education solicitors are experienced in dealing with a range of special educational needs matters for parents, young people, case managers, advocates, solicitors, experts and deputies. 
While the highest level of education and opportunities to learn should be available to all children, this is not always as straightforward where special educational needs are involved. Cuts to funding, longwinded local authority procedures and outright failures in the system all contribute to a downfall in receiving the vital support your child needs to develop to their full potential.

At HCB Solicitors, our team of nationally regarded special educational needs solicitors understands your child’s right to a quality education. We will work alongside you to tackle each and every challenge throughout the process to ensure your child receives the help they need to make progress with their education.

We provide specialist legal advice and expert, practical guidance throughout the process to ensure you have a solid foundation after our involvement. We understand the need for positive working relationships with other professionals and, unlike other solicitors, we make sure this is put into practice.

If you require any advice or representation in respect of your child’s special educational needs and the support they need to receive then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist education law solicitors team on 0333 202 7175 /