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University Complaints reach all time high

  • Posted

Earlier this week, the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (“OIA”) announced in their annual report that complaints they had received from students in England and Wales about their university courses had reached an all-time high, with over a...

Primary School Admissions Appeals

  • Posted

- Challenging your child’s school place The impact that a child’s school can have on their education cannot be understated. The right school, the right teacher and the right environment can make all the difference in allowing...

Secondary School Admissions appeals 2022

  • Posted

The transition from primary to secondary school should be an exciting opportunity for children and their parents. However, for those who have been refused their chosen school it can instead be a stressful experience. Fortunately, there is a procedure in...

University disputes - your rights as a student

  • Posted

Your time in university should hopefully be a rewarding and fulfilling experience which lets you develop the skills you need for later in life. However, there are many examples of things that can go wrong. You could face issues with the faculty, the course...

A-levels and GCSEs procedure 2021

  • Posted

Results day, mitigating circumstances and appealing grades. As the classes of 2021 gets ready for their results to be issued, this has been a trying and stressful time for students and their parents. The uncertainty and doubt surrounding this process is...

Fitness to Practise

  • Posted

If you are a university student involved in a professional course, you’ve likely been told about fitness to practise. Most professional bodies (like the GMC and the HCPC) make fitness to practise a requirement for anyone looking to register to...