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Why it is worth instructing specialist will dispute solicitors

  • Posted

Recent research about inheritance disputes has thrown up some interesting results. According to the survey:- Three in four people are likely to experience an inheritance/Will dispute in their lifetime. Inheritance...

Government reforms to make it easier for Leaseholders to buy their houses

  • Posted

The Government has announced that it will tackle the controversial issue of people who have bought their houses with leasehold title. Under the current law, many people face paying high ground rents, which are often increased with little or no benefit...

Ban on evictions extended by 2 months to protect renters

  • Posted

Residential tenants have now been given further protection as the government has extended the suspension of evictions for a further two months. Where tenants do experience financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic, the government is urging...

New measures to protect commercial tenants from aggressive rent collection and closure

  • Posted

The Business secretary has set out further measures to protect commercial tenants and has asked them to pay what they can during the current coronavirus pandemic. In order to stop what the government describes as tenants being put under undue pressure by...

Business Interruption insurance - Can you claim?

  • Posted

Covid-19 is now a notifiable disease and has been officially designated a pandemic by the World Health organization. Businesses should now consider making a claim under any business interruption policy it has. Most policies require any claim to be notified...

Be careful with dating agencies and Google reviews

  • Posted

In the recent case of Burki v Seven Thirty Limited , the High Court awarded damages to Ms Burki after she paid £12,700 to join the Defendant dating agency. She was told that there were a substantial number of wealthy male members who fitted her...