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Why it is worth instructing specialist will dispute solicitors

Recent research about inheritance disputes has thrown up some interesting results. According to the survey:-

  • Three in four people are likely to experience an inheritance/Will dispute in their lifetime.
  • Inheritance disputes amongst siblings are the most common form of dispute.
  • The average amount recovered from a Will dispute was around £190,000.
  • The average legal spend on legal disputes was £12,775.40.
  •  Men are more likely to be involved in inheritance disputes than women.
  • The reasons for disputing the inheritance were evenly split between coercion to change a Will, lack of testamentary capacity, the amount the Claimant received, and the estate not being distributed properly. 
  • 36% of inheritance disputes were solved by mediation and 21% resolved through negotiation. The number of inheritance disputes are increasing yearly and with the right legal guidance such disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Obviously, each case will depend upon its own facts, but where those facts justify it, it is often beneficial to pursue such a claim, provided it is done so in a cost-effective manner. 

HCB Solicitors has a specialist inheritance dispute team. We deal with a wide range of disputes with a record of obtaining excellent results for our clients. 

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