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Darren White

Summer holidays - forward plan now to avoid issues later

  • Posted

As a parent the summer holidays can be a chance to spend quality time with the children ahead of the new school term. Often it’s the time most families plan their annual trips away. This process can become difficult for separating couples as the...

Divorce day 2024 - What you need to know

  • Posted

With January, a sad trend known as Divorce Day happens on the first working day of the year. This article aims to answer some of the key questions you may have and hopefully provide some reassurance. How long will a Divorce take? ...

Christmas contact - prepare now to avoid a nasty surprise

  • Posted

With Christmas just around the corner it’s really important to start the preparations early, making sure everything for the special day is in place. For separated couples, one of the most important considerations will often be the arrangements for...

Abuse After Separation - 7 signs to spot

  • Posted

It is sad to say that in many relationships domestic abuse is becoming a more common feature. Sadly, this does not always end on the relationship breaking down. This article aims to help identify the 7 different types of abuse that can happen after a relationship ends and what can then be done to assist people.